Alocit is safe to use in delicate eco systems. It has no solvents

or heavy metals and, once

cured, is completely inert

presenting no threat to

marine life. Alocit coatings

are often use in sensitive

areas - such as the

jetty, shown right, which is on Lundy Island, a world-renowned nature reserve off the coast of the UK, famous for its Puffins.

Despite their high performance, Alocit coatings are easy to use and environmentally safe. With no volatile organic compounds or heavy metals, they are as effective and safe underwater as they are on dry land.

Where can you apply it?  Almost anywhere on a range of substrates: floors, walls, bunds/secondary containment enclosures, tanks, bilges, tunnels, marine structures, sheet & round piles, under-decking, lock gates, bridges and water treatment plants. Resists hydrostatic pressure and bonds to fresh concrete and on pre-formed components. Can encapsulate PCBs and other contaminants in old concrete.

A wide range of suitable substrates: Alocit coatings have outstanding adhesion when applied on damp or oily steel and concrete. They can be used on dry or wet surfaces, in the splash zone, underwater and on areas of constant condensation.

Coatings of many colours: Black, white & grey are available as standard. Other colours on request – minimum quantity may apply. Colour matching to international standards: US FED-STD-595, RAL, BS 36, BS 3800.

Outstanding properties: Excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance & corrosion protection. Sealant and adhesive for concrete. Surface tolerant and cures at low temperatures.

Great resistance: Water/salt water, sewage, petrol/gasoline, oil, certain acids, sodium & potassium hydroxide solutions etc.

Simple equipment required: Apply Alocit using brush, roller or spray. Plural component or airless pumps can be used for spraying or power-brushing. Alocit can even be applied underwater using a hand brush straight from the container.

Tried & Tested

Left: New Zealand Navy divers apply colour-matched Alocit material to a subsea repair on a damaged prop shaft.

Below: Adhesion results in excess of 2000 psi were obtained on this bridge beam despite wet and freezing temperatures.

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