Tried and tested in the laboratory and in the field

Alocit coatings are consistently top of the tables in comparison tests on problem substrates. Tests by the US Navy after coating in bilge areas have shown adhesion beyond the range of their testing equipment and 28.15 is one of only three coatings listed by the US Army Corps of Engineers as meeting its specifications for application on wet surfaces (and it’s the only one of these three that can be applied underwater). Comparison tests for Shell on cold, sweating pipes in Texas showed Alocit’s clear superiority - and independent testing for use after surface preparation using water-jetting produced adhesion results nearly twice as good for Alocit as its closest competitor!

Alocit products have a long track record record of successful applications. Testimonials and case histories show that coatings applications from 1968 are still intact well into the 21st century - despite a lifetime of exposure to aggressive environments.      

Tried & Tested

Above: the Konstanz waste water treatment plant in Germany  where tests showed Alocit coatings to be in perfect condition after 30 years.

Above: the video shows a diver applying Alocit underwater using a powered brush system on an oil-soaked concrete slab in salt water.

Right & below: savings of up to 50% were calculated by oil company engineers from using Alocit on this SBM following preparation using water jetting.

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Third-party Testing for coatings applied to wet and underwater surfaces:

Adhesion: the ALOCIT coating system applied underwater showed good pull-off strengths with average values of 2371 psi /16.3 MPa at 23°C/73°F and 2322 psi / 16.0 MPa at 60°C/140°F, which are well above the minimum acceptance criterion of 1450 psi/10 MPa.

Hot Salt Fog: ALOCIT coating applied (three layers) on steel substrate under wet conditions showed no sign of degradation after 60 days of salt spray exposure and with no undercreep corrosion after 30 days of salt spray exposure.

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