The Alocit 28 Series is a range of high-build, zero-VOC coatings with outstanding adhesive and protective qualities - even when used in the splash zone or underwater. Alocit’s long life and ability to succeed in the most difficult circumstances has made it the coating of choice for protecting challenging substrates - from sweating pipes on refineries in the tropics to dripping wet bridges in northern hemisphere winters.

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But Alocit is not just for wet surfaces, it can be applied to concrete, steel and many other materials - in the dry, in the wet and even on oily surfaces. As a problem-solver it is unequalled but, even if you don’t have a difficult subtrate to coat, its all-round excellence - ease of application, long life and abrasion resistance - make it the best possible choice for anyone who wants the job done properly. The list of potential Alocit applications is as long as that of its satisfied customers.

is as long as that of its satisfied customers, who include some of the best-known companies in the world.

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Alocit USA is exclusively licensed to distribute Alocit Coatings for all the Americas - from Hudson Bay to Tierra del Fuego.

Together with our sister company, Enviropeel USA, we are dedicated to the provision of outstanding corrosion protection for the most demanding environments.

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